The top five cheap dog toys of 2018

As a dog owner you always wonder how do I buy toys and not break the bank?  I love my dog and I want her to be happy, but I resist spending a lot of money on toys that I know won’t last forever.  After extensive research there are five that I have found that last longer than others and are $25.00 or under.

The first would have to be Kong Classic Toy.  Great for any dog owner who has a dog who is active and needy (but aren’t all dogs active and needy?)  The best thing about the Kong is that it is made out of hard durable rubber so that even if your dog destroys it, it will take longer.  Not only that, stick some peanut butter up inside and they will be determined to get it all out.  And if you want extra long entertainment value, put it in the freezer and freeze it with the peanut butter inside.  Make sure you get the right size Kong for your dog.  A good rule of thumb is consider your dog’s jaw size, make sure that its big enough so that it can’t completely fit in its mouth, but small enough that your dog can chew on it.  For the best valued Classic Kong click here

All dogs love a “squeak”.  But why not have something that makes you laugh too?  Remember those plastic chickens that comedians used to love so much, that are still hilarious for some reason?  Your dog can have one now too.  The great thing about this toy is, that if it gets dirty you can clean it with water and it still works.  I have tested that.  This is a great toy that you can let you dog have outside and inside.  Just be warned that it doesn’t work while it is still wet.  If you aren’t going to get a chicken I highly recommend one of these latex free rubber squeak toys.  For the chicken check out this link

For those of you that have dogs that have a softer side try the stuffing free squeak gator.  The good thing about this cheap dog toy is that if your dog does break the skin there is no stuffing guts to pick up afterwards.  As a dog owner I avoid stuffing like the plague!  So the stuffing free animals that squeak entertain  them but you have a worry free mind as a pet parent.  So this one may not last as long as the others but it comes in at only $4.99.  It’s worth the money. To purchase the gator click this link.

If the gator isn’t your style you can check out other animals.

If you are a frugal buyer and like multi packs to get more bang for your buck, check out the dog toy five pack for small and medium dogs not only do you get your squeak you also get a plush, rope pets and dog chews.  You already know how I feel about squeaks and plush toys but the rope pet is nice for interactive and solo play for your dog.  With the rope pet you can play tug-of-war with your pet or another dog can.  Dog chews are always great for dog dental hygiene.  For this great multi pack click here.

So the best valued cheap dog toy set that I have found is  the AnnaEye 10 pack dog rope toy set.  The best thing about this pack is that if you play your cards right your slippers are safe.  There is a dog toy slipper that you can give your dog so that he/she wont take yours.  The main thing that attracts a dog to your slippers or shoes is the smell of your feet.  If the dog does not take to the toy slipper like he/she does to your shoes just stick an old dirty sock that you are about to throw away lay it on or in the toy to transfer your smell to the toy.  I know that sounds odd but your dog will fall for it.  Also, this pack has really good toys for your dog’s dental hygiene.  When they chew on these toys it cleans and strengthens their teeth.  To pick up this great 10 pack click here


If you ever bring a toy home, and your dog just isn’t into it.  Which let’s face it, can be very frustrating.  Try spraying them with a little bit of Dog Food Topper Combo Pack by Flavored Sprays.  This makes their toys smell like food, and almost guarantees that you haven’t wasted your money needlessly.  For these sprays go here.