Top seven cheap bird toys for 2018

As a bird owner I’ve gone through many bird toys some good, some useless.  Here are seven toys that I have found that are worth the money without breaking bank.

The spiral bungee rope toy/perch has been essential for my Conure.  She uses it to go up and down levels, get in and out of her cage and occasionally sprials up the cord itself.  Although this may technically not be a toy, she enjoys and uses it daily.  I highly recommend it for any bird owner.  Yes is it $16.00 but we got this toy when we got her 4 years ago and its still in great shape .  If the rope gets soiled just pull it out and run it under water with a scrub brush (no soap) and scrub it clean and let it air dry before putting it back in the cage.  Birds love bells and there is a bell on the bottom of this toy that they will love to play with.  Check it out by clicking here

One thing to remember about birds is that they are not that different from dogs.  They like to chew and you need  to make sure that they are doing it in a safe way.  They best way to do that is  to buy them a toy made to chew on.  Here is one that is great for different size and multiple birds.  This is the most expensive one on my list but its size and being so in depth it’s worth the money.  This toy you hang from the top of the cage and if any part of it becomes soiled just cut off parts of it or scrub with a scrub brush and warm water to clean.  (no soap)  For more information click here

Don’t forget that birds need to sleep and it needs to be in a way that they enjoy.  One option is the House Hut Hammock or Happy Hut.   Even it they don’t sleep in the happy hut it makes them feel safe, and we all want out birds to feel happy and safe.  Parrots naturally sleep either on perches or in tree cavities (which is why many people use things like snuggle-huts  house hut hammocks or  happy huts, which mimic a tight, comfy space).  And the only time birds ever sleep in a nest is when they are incubating/brooding eggs or young.  This is the happy hut that I use for $6.88

Any pet owner loves to buy things for their pets that have multiple functions.  Why buy five things for 5 bucks each when you can buy one that serves multiple purposes.  Wooden Parrot perch/ladder toy can be used for traveling inside the cage and sitting on.  They can also use it for playing on the chain and  chew and play on the strung beads.  This can be hung vertically or horizontally depending on the birds preference.  Adding this to your bird cage will give your bird options and hours of entertainment. Vpets makes one that I highly recommend.  Here is a closer look

As i mentioned before birds love bells.  They also love holding things in their feet.  These balls which are very similar to cat toys are awesome for an interactive game between you and your bird.  It’s just as important for bird owners to play with their bird as it is for dog owners to play with their dog.  This is something your bird can hold and shake because they love the sound, or roll it and they will fetch it for you.  These are fairly simple toys and incredibly cheap so it doesn’t hurt to have a few on hand.  I recommend a four pack and as a bonus if you have a cat you might as well kill two birds with one stone. (pun intended)  Here is the 4 pack that I buy


Its important to embrace a pet birds’ wild roots.  They naturally have the need to forage and if you neglect that need they can become destructive or disruptive. Make sure you always have at least one foraging toy for your bird.  Give them a task and make them work for their reward and both you and your bird will be happier for it.  This foraging toy I recommend for its versatility and size and what pet owner wouldn’t spend $15.00 so that their pet doesn’t destroy things, themselves, or your peace? Look here


The thing with foraging is that birds like options just like anyone.  And all pets have their favorites.  My bird has always gravitated toward this basket foraging toy.  It is her “go to” when she is nervous, anxious with new people or all around bored.  She destroys it, but I have peace of mind that it wont hurt her in the process.  I clip it on to the front of my cage for easy access.  Of all the toys that I have recommended this one is Peanuts’ favorite.  Here it is see what you think