Best Toys of 2018 for Cats

As a cat owner, making sure that your cat is happy and never bored is a must.  Knowing how to do that is not always easy.  Sometimes it takes a little bit more effort than having a scratching post to protect your couches and shins.

Here are some of the best cat toys of 2018 all for a reasonable price.

The tumbler kitten toys are great for felines of all ages.  It moves on its own and can entertain a cat for hours.  This is also an effective way to distract your cat to prevent mischief and enable you to do what needs to be done.   Check it out here!



If you have ever had a cat, you have probably had one sit on your newspaper, possibly with you still reading it.  They seem to love that crackling sound.  The 3 way cat tunnel has built in crackle paper so your newspapers may be safe.  This is a great interactive way to get your cat away from your space and into their own.   It is collapsible and easily portable, measuring at 10 inches tall and 1 foot long, you can take it anywhere.  Go here.


The Bergan Turbo Scratcher toy has a ball within a channel so your cat can try and catch it for hours, and never succeed!  It will watch that ball spin and be determined to get it.  Not only that, it has a replaceable center scratch pad made of recycled cardboard.  Find it here.




All cats love to sleep, and scratch, and sleep some more.  The carpet covered scratching posts are of the past, the present is filled with cardboard.  These cardboard scratcher beds last 4 times longer.  It provides a cut out so you have many options as to how to arrange things.  It also includes a catnip pack to give your cat an extra dose of happiness. Look here.


Although most things evolve and improve with time, not all things need to change.  Sometimes classics are that way for a reason.  The feather wand is one of those toys that will always be a terrific addition to your cat toy collection.  Drive them wild while protecting yourself from the claws of the wild.  Have a look here.